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Emigration from Russia against the backdrop of the Russian-Ukrainian war of 2022
We see our mission in the better understanding of the face of modern Russian emigration, as well as in highlighting the challenges it faces.
Hello! We are an independent group of social researchers studying the mass exodus of Russians from the country. We focus on the people who leave Russia now, with the beginning of the full scale aggression on the territory of Ukraine, the imposition of sanctions against the Russian Federation and the adoption of new opressive laws. Due to our limited resource, we decided to focus on migration only from Russia and only to the South Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia).

The first wave
In March and April 2022, we conducted the first part of the study, that is the online survey, in which more than 900 people took part. We also started collecting in-depth interviews with our respondents.
The collected questionnaires reflect a collective portrait of the first wave of migration, the bulk of which occurred in February and March 2022.
Below you can get acquainted with some of the results of the polls.
The second wave
On September 21, 2022, "partial mobilization" was announced in Russia as part of a "special military operation." This new situation has become a trigger for many people to leave the country. As part of the second wave of research, we would like to talk to those who left Russia after the announcement of "partial mobilization".
  • Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

    We express gratitude to the Ebert Foundation for their support in providing resources for processing interviews and translating materials.
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